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Chilled water system for M/Y Eclipse

Three-way valves were required to control the flow of sea water through the condensers of the chilled water system on superyacht Eclipse. While gas operated valves would be the usual choice for this application, the customer wanted to control the valves electronically using a 0-10V electrical control signal generated by the chillers.

Walton was able to meet this requirement by supplying electrically operated valves fitted with actuators incorporating 0-10V positioners. Each actuator was also fitted with a potentiometer to provide feedback of the valve’s rotor position to the positioner. This solution meant that no further electronic sensing or control equipment was required.

Constructed by Blohm + Voss in Hamburg, Germany, M/Y Eclipse was the world’s largest private luxury yacht when built. The vessel is 170m (560ft) long and displaces 13,000 gross tonnes. It was delivered to its owner  in 2010.

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