Service Kits & Spare Parts

Standard kits of recommended parts for replacement during maintenance servicing of Walton valves are available on request.

Other components also experience wear and tear and may require occasional replacement during the course of their long lives. Most commonly-required parts are available from stock, and limited quantities of less frequently required items are also usually available quickly. Where this is not possible, a firm delivery date will be provided with our quotation.

As the supplier of the original temperature control equipment Walton’s spare parts are guaranteed to be genuine quality-assured and meet all relevant technical standards. Where necessary fitting instructions are provided.

Contact us with details of your specific requirements at It is helpful if you can supply the serial number of the valve in question; this is hard-stamped on the valve’s front cover.

Overhaul & Repair

Walton’s temperature control valves are extremely durable and provide many years of reliable service with minimal maintenance requirements. Indeed, we know of valves that are still providing accurate temperature control after more than 20 years of service.

Sometimes, however, there are occasions when the plant on which the equipment is installed needs to be overhauled, and this may provide an opportunity to comprehensively refurbish the temperature control valve. To this end, Walton offers a full repair and refurbishment service for life-extension of customers’ Walton-supplied products. This also provides an opportunity to bring the valve up to our latest design specification.

The service entails return of the equipment to our factory where we will first carry out a detailed survey of the product’s condition to enable us to provide an accurate quotation for the work required. If this is acceptable an order is placed and the refurbishment work carried out to meet the customer’s delivery requirements. Finally, Walton returns the refurbished valve(s) to the customer’s premises.