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Pump Seal system for Russian chemical plant

As part of an upgrade of the Nevinnomyssky Azot urea processing plant in Russia, a new Flowserve pump was required. The steam condensate media and low ambient temperature made it essential for the pump’s shaft seal system to provide accurate regulation of both temperature and pressure. This was because if the temperature of the steam condensate were to drop too low the urea would begin to crystallise, which could damage and ultimately destroy the seal.

The Eagleburgmann seal system installed in this application maintains the shaft seal by holding a greater pressure than that exerted by the steam condensate during all operating conditions. The system was manufactured completely in 316 stainless steel to cope with the corrosive chemical environment in which it operates at the urea processing plant. A Walton temperature control valve was incorporated to control the temperature within the seal housing and media chamber of the pump.

Seal systems are important components of pumps used in petrochemical plants as their failure can result in hazardous situations and damage to equipment, as well as costly downtime.

Walton valves are available in a variety of materials to suit the system requirements. Our range includes different grades of stainless steel, one of which was selected for this demanding application. In the rare cases where a suitable material is not available within our standard product range we can usually produce valves in more specialised materials.

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