Case Studies

Temperature control mechanism installed within engine or gas turbine

Walton Engineering has long-standing, established relationships with major diesel engine and industrial gas turbine manufacturers whereby the Walton direct acting temperature control mechanism has been integrated into the power plant at its design stage for the control of lubricating oil temperature. The advantage of this arrangement is that it dispenses with the need for the valve body and associated external pipework. The overall system is therefore lighter, more compact and cheaper. In addition, the shorter internal oil paths allow the mechanism to respond rapidly to temperature changes, and therefore provide more accurate control. The gas turbines in

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Auxiliary cooling control for Anchor Handling Tugs

Walton Engineering are pleased to have been selected to supply direct (self) operated valves to control the temperature of auxiliary systems on a fleet of 12 anchor handling supply tugs built in Italy between 2007 and 2010 for chartering firm Hartmann Offshore. Although the system pipework was specified as 200mm nominal diameter, the 550m3/hr flow rate of the fresh water coolant required a 250mm bore valve to be fitted. Walton was able to supply a set of counterflanges for each valve to provide a suitable interface between the valve and pipework. After some consideration with the customer

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Oceanographic Research Vessel

ORV Sagar Nidhi is an ice-strengthened multidisciplinary vessel operated by the National Institute of Ocean Technology, India. Constructed in 2007 by Fincantieri in Italy, the 5050 tons vessel has diesel-electric propulsion equipped with a dynamic positioning system, azimuth thrusters. Walton valves were supplied for use on the ship’s fresh water cooling system. The vessel has a winch to hoist 60 tonnes from a depth of 6,000 metres, and is designed with blue-water capability with ranges of up to 10,000 nautical miles (19,000 km) for voyages lasting up to 45 days. She supports geo-scientific, meteorological and oceanographic research

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We are always willing to create a customised solution for your application if none of our standard products are suitable

Our advanced computer aided design software and the flexible nature of the Walton valve design mean that this can often be a cost-effective approach.