Case Studies

Astute Class submarines

When the builders of the latest class of nuclear-powered attack submarines for the UK’s Royal Navy needed temperature control valves for the vessels’ reactor cooling circuits, they turned to Walton Engineering. Having supplied valves for the same application on the three previous classes of submarine (Swiftsure, Trafalgar and Vanguard Classes), they knew that the reliability and durability of Walton valves are well proven. As with the previous classes of submarine, Walton was able to meet the stringent quality and shock resistance requirements demanded by the customer for this application. For the Astute Class some changes were necessary,

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Barracuda Class submarines

The Barracuda class of nuclear powered attack submarine was designed by shipbuilder Naval Group for the French Navy. Construction of the first vessel Suffren began in 2007 and she was commissioned on 6 November, 2020. Walton valves were recommended for this demanding application and will be fitted to all vessels of the class. Four more vessels are under construction, with a fifth planned. Delivery of the submarines will take place through the 2020s. With a surface displacement of 4,600t the vessels will provide the French Navy with a cruise missile strike capability.

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Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers

Walton is proud to have supplied a number of temperature control valves for two aircraft carriers of the United Kingdom’s Royal Navy, HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Price of Wales. Commissioned in 2017 and 2019 the two vessels are 284 metres (932 ft) long, displace 65,000 tonnes, and are the largest warships ever constructed for the Royal Navy. They are central components of the UK Carrier Strike Group, a self-contained force tasked with enabling power projection in support of the UK’s interests.

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We are always willing to create a customised solution for your application if none of our standard products are suitable

Our advanced computer aided design software and the flexible nature of the Walton valve design mean that this can often be a cost-effective approach.