Temperature Control Valves

In operation Walton Temperature Control Valves work continuously to maintain a constant system temperature by automatically proportioning fluid between the cooler and the bypass to maintain the required temperature. Movement of a rotor within the valve causes the necessary flow distribution to achieve this.

The following actuation types are available:

Self acting valves

Self acting (direct operated) valves incorporate a temperature sensor inside the valve, and operate independently of external power supplies.

Electrically operated valves

Electrically operated valves are powered by an external electric actuator, with control provided by a separate electronic control unit, and temperature sensing by resistance thermometer.

Pneumatically operated valves

Pneumatically operated valves are powered by an external pneumatic actuator, with control provided by a pneumatic controller with external temperature sensing.

Gas operated valves

Gas operated valves are designed to control refrigerant gas pressures – and hence the temperature of refrigerated or air-conditioned areas – in marine systems in which the condenser is cooled by sea water.

We are always willing to consider creating a customized solution to meet the needs of a client if our standard products are not suitable.

Our advanced computer aided design software and the flexible nature of the Walton valve design mean that this can often be a cost-effective approach.