Over 60 years of dependable temperature control for the world's leading marine, industrial and power generation providers

Walton temperature control valves are used wherever fluid temperature control is vital – principally in marine, industrial and power generation applications.

Bearing and gearbox lubricating all for turbines, pumps and compressors

Diesel engine jacket fresh water cooling systems

Fresh water / sea water heat exchanges and chillers

Refrigerant gas pressure control


In operation Walton Temperature Control Valves work continuously to maintain a constant system temperature by automatically proportioning fluid between the cooler and the bypass to maintain the required temperature. The movement of a rotor within the valve causes the necessary flow distribution to achieve this.




Walton valves are recommended by leading diesel engine, steam and gas turbine manufacturers and are sold world-wide.

The UK and several other NATO navies have relied on Walton for temperature control of key systems for over forty years. Current vessels fitted with Walton systems include the UK Royal Navy’s HMS Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers and Astute Class Submarines

Walton products are approved by the UK’s Ministry of Defiance and all leading classification societies.

The high reliability of Walton valves has led to their selection for many safety-critical applications such as backup diesel generators in nuclear power station. This is the Sizewell 'B' plant in Suffolk, England.

Of a distinctive three port design, Walton valves are powered either by an internal thermostatic element or an external actuator. In operation the valve automatically proportions the flow of the system’s fluid between the cooler and the bypass to maintain the required temperature according to the position of a rotor. Valves can be installed with either two inlet ports (mixers) or with one inlet and two outlet ports (diverters).

The accurate temperature control provided by Walton systems is vital and plays a significant part in reducing both operating and maintenance costs.

The image below is an example of a packaged lubricating oil system fitted with a Walton valve to control the oil temperature. The valve’s inlet and bypass pipework has been fitted; the pipework to the cooler will be connected once the package is installed in the host system.