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Aluminium bronze valves for Astute Class submarines

When the builders of the latest class of nuclear-powered attack submarines for the UK’s Royal Navy needed temperature control valves for the vessels’ reactor cooling circuits, they turned to Walton Engineering.

Having supplied valves for the same application on the previous three classes of submarine (Swiftsure, Trafalgar and Vanguard Classes), they knew that the reliability and durability of Walton valves are well proven.

For the Astute Class, it was necessary for the valves’ flanges to be thicker than would usually be required for aluminium bronze valves. By working closely with our ISO 9001 accredited foundry suppliers, we were able to meet the requirement by casting the valve bodies off a pattern normally used to produce steel castings.

As with the previous classes of submarine, Walton was able to meet the stringent quality and shock resistance requirements demanded by the customer for this application.

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