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About Us

Originally established in 1942 to manufacture wartime armaments, Walton has been developing and refining its range of temperature control valves for over 60 years. Production began in the 1950s at our site in St. Albans, England with valves powered by simple bi-metal coils which were first installed on diesel engines for rail locomotives. The bi-metal coil was later replaced by a fixed range wax element incorporated into a mechanism within the valve body.

Entry into the marine and naval markets soon followed. For over 50 years the Royal and other navies have relied on Walton valves to regulate the temperature of critical ships’ systems.

A variety of alternative actuation and control methods have been added over more recent years, so that today a full range of temperature control valves is available. Our products have gained an enviable reputation for reliability, robust operation and minimal maintenance requirements, based on expert design and proven engineering skills.


The accreditation of Walton’s quality management system to external standards is a strategic decision that helps us continually improve our performance and provides customers with the highest level of confidence in the quality of Walton’s products.

Walton’s Quality Management System was first certified in the 1980s to the NATO Inspection System Requirements for Industry AQAP4. In the 1990s this progressed to the BS 5750 Quality Standard and then the International Standards Organisation ISO 9001, firstly with the 2001 version of the standard and then the 2008 version. In 2018 Walton was accredited by National Quality Assurance to BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and this status is maintained by regular surveillance and re-assessment visits.

We use advanced 3D Computer Aided Design software to design our products and simulate their performance in real-world operating conditions. This also enables us to rapidly adapt any of our standard products to meet a specific customer requirement.

Our computerised manufacturing management system tracks sales orders and controls all aspects of procurement, production and despatch, ensuring that a high standard of delivery performance is maintained.

We often create customised versions of our standard products to meet particular customer requirements

Our advanced computer aided design software and the flexible nature of the Walton valve design mean that this can often be a cost-effective approach.